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Alan Baker


Alan Baker is an artist from Telford in Shropshire who specialises in sculpture and drawing. Having completed a MA in fine art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 and a BA (hons) degree from the University of Huddersfield in 2012, he is now continuing his artistic practice at his studio based in the North West.

Artist Statement 

Baker's work is concerned with issues surrounding the interrelationship of human and animal realms. Utilising methods of sculpture and drawing, he explores the notion of the ‘animal as practitioner’ and how different species might shape, frame and make space in our everyday urban environments. As human beings, we seem to believe that our urban environments are ours, but in actuality, these spaces are a much more complex settings, involving many species. 

As a starting point, he often exploits found materials and construct sculptural works based on the histories and evolution of animal trapping, a process carried out for a variety of reasons whether for food and fur or for pest control or taxidermy. These works are often unstable, on the edge of falling apart. Drawing from the sculptures highlights these moments of temporality, presenting a juxtaposition of social phenomena.

Trap and Snare.jpg
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