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Mark Mcleish


Mark Mcleish was born in Manchester and now cultivates a studio practice in Lancashire. His research within a Craft MA at Manchester School of Art in 2016 focused his lifelong obsession for collecting, speculative folklore and materiality. Mark’s project profiles unfold a range of collaborative exchanges, academic and exhibition inclusions, theses pull together a international craft applied art practice. 

Artist Statement 

Mark’s practice is self-identified within the betweenness as artist as collector, material led witch and art jeweller. Here he constantly repositions thinking that excavates the complexities of making, under questions that charge the metaphysical. He is fascinated with intersections of material provenance and opinionated actions preserved in the making process.


Marks relationship with drawing is that of residual energy, something that once was but now is not, something that alludes to another state of being or momentarily shifts that go unnoticed. He enables material encounters to reveal a trace, mark or memory of something, and develops this as a creative space to become instruction or advisory for progressive story telling. 

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