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Gustavo Ferro


Born 1988, Santos, Brazil. Lives and works between the United Kingdom and Brazil. Gustavo Ferro is a visual artist interested in the urban environment and the relationship between the human body and man-made objects. Currently he is developing a project supported by Arts Council England in Abingdon Studios, Blackpool.

Artist Statement

My process involves exploring the city, observing man-made objects and the urban infrastructure. I use photography and video to map found situations thus creating an archive of references. Later on, these recollections are translated into drawings and sculptures that reproduce my observations, edited by memory and imagination.


Influenced by ‘derive’ practices I see the city as an arena for the creation of new interactions between objects and human beings. Walking is an important process in my work where I feel in touch with the city and can respond to its dynamics of control. This process of exploring the urban environment in my practice was rooted in São Paulo, where fear is not dissociable from the act of walking.


Currently I am researching and visiting sites designed by the landscape artists Pulham & Son who created numerous rock gardens in public parks and artificial landscapes in the UK during the Victorian era; using this research as a starting point I have been experimenting with materials such as clay and concrete in the studio, producing a new body of work towards an exhibition in 2021.

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