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Hanna Ten Doornkatt

Hanna Ten Doornkatt is a UK based German contemporary artist exploring a complex repetitive process of mark making and erasure revealing and concealing informs drawing practice. The serial mark making mirrors her series of ideas involved in my drawings. I directly respond to the continual thread of fleeting moments in the online/social media experience, whilst drawing information and memories from art history– even though the visual result is non-descriptive or referential.

All my works explore the process and meaning of drawing in general. The repetition of marks and lines often within a grid structure are regularly recurring elements. This laborious weaving and layering of surfaces creates fragments of something that is no longer there and which moves between the visible and the invisible.

The repetitive dense graphic lines are a direct response to the continual thread of fleeting moments in the ‘online/social media experience’ but as a process they give me a systematic structure which is drawn over again and again and eventually it feels like erasing history but the memory of it remains and cannot be erased completely. This means the repetitive process becomes more than simply a pencil drawing on board.

Hanna ten Doornkaat (1).jpg
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