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Jay R E Ottewell


Jay Ottewell is a recent Art Graduate completing his BA(Hons) in Fine Art 2019, at MMU University at Manchester School of Art. Specialising in Drawing as a medium specific and act, as well as researching drawing in its wider contexts. Exploring other traditional drawing materials and Fine Art contexts towards his art practice. Taking time away from education and currently Co-Curating on "Expanded Drawing" show at Air Gallery, Altrincham. Writing connections between each artists work, conversing with them creating a conversation around each. Jay Ottewell is also a frequent collaborator, and aims to do an MA in Fine Art in the near future.

Artist Statement

Using traditional drawing materials and experimental ways of seeing. Ottewell exposes drawing as a primary means of expression and paper as support surface, which is intended to traverse the relationship between two and three-dimensions. His approach is repetitive, rhythmical, rigorous and calculated in its conceptualisation, exhausting each material outcome questioning of the fundamentals of drawing as a ‘finished’ product. Each mark is carried out as a strain of repetitive acts, these acts or transverse actions usually relate to a particular motion. In this case a crumpled of a piece of paper, becomes a "study" to which the copy is completely rendered again and again. Questioning drawings role as a visual tool, its relationship to paper as much it is to the final image. Subtle actions and interference's are played out, such as crumpling, flattening, smearing, pulling, rubbing and poking. Each hand movement can be considered a visual metaphor to auditory ‘feedback’- as reverberating physical gesture. Acting as traces and translations relating to his hearing defect.Tracing both body and mind, where the left and right gradually descend yet remain static as visual vibrations.

Study of a crumpled paper 2.2 - Jay Otte
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