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Jeannie Driver


Jeannie Driver was born in London in 1966, she now works at Art Space Studios Portsmouth. Driver studied Fine Art at Portsmouth University; 1996, BA(Hons)1stC, 2000 MA by Project, Distinction.

Artist Statement

Jeannie Driver’s post minimalist works utilise materials imbued with processes and metaphorical references to present works as drawing, installation, sculpture, and film.

Fascinated by how paper is able to transverse both the 2D and 3D ‘Lifting The Drawing off the Page’ body of works develop from geometric drawings on the page and utilise systems, materials and measurements to create transient, 'un-fixed', installations that shift in time and space. This interest in sequence and repetition flows throughout her work, in both the utilitarian material and processes she employs. Traditional drawing materials of charcoal, graphite and paper occupy a dominant presence; as line becomes object, dust becomes surface, and space as form. Created in scale relationship to her own body, Driver’s wall installations explore perception and metaphorical space. Inspired by the drawings and approach of Sol Le Witt and Legia Clark, Driver’s expanded drawings are ‘unfixed’ and present in phases. Contained in crates, the works present an invitation. Lines await with instructions, a template and a phased drawing plan.

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