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Jung Yun Roh

The second project ‘Brexit-365’ was a one-year series running from 2018 until April 2019. It was also a daily drawing series, this time using blue and red coloured pencils. As the title suggests, ‘Brexit-365’ was based on a year in the UK in the lead up to Brexit in 2019. An abstract drawing was produced every day until the date when Brexit was due to be finalised on 28th March 2019. In common with the previous project this was uploaded daily to SNS (Instagram and Facebook). These 365 drawings have been combined with sound to be produced as a video. This extension to the project reveals subtle and diverse differences in the experiences of various people regarding the uncertainty over the current situation in the UK. The soundtrack to this work is the words 'Hello, Goodbye' spoken in the native language of twenty staff members working at the time for the franchise company Pret A Manger. Pret A Manger's workforce comprises people from all over Europe. It is originally a British company, but like most of the UK's manual labourers there is not even one British person per one hundred employees.

Brexit-365 - Jung yun Roh.jpg
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