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Kiera O'Toole


Artist Statement

Kiera O’Toole is an independent visual artist and practice-based researcher from Sligo, Ireland.  O’Toole’s practice utilises philosophical research in phenomenology (study of consciousness and experience) to examine how drawing can express and translate everyday environmental experiences. Her site-specific practice engages the atmospheric, material, temporal and corporeal aspects of everyday sites in developing the work. Drawing and all its complexity: diversity, directness, universality and presentness is evidence of how humans are both subject to, and affected by, the world that surrounds them. By paying close attention to the atmospheres, resonances and    material affects immanent to diverse environments, O’Toole hopes to create a 'Holding Space' for something intermediate, something in and between us, a space where we can pay attention to the here and now which is always and already happening. ‘Toole’s practice manifests through studio and site-specific interventions, installations and video. Her practice includes residencies, exhibitions, publications and artist talks. O’Toole is also co-founder of Drawing deCentered which is artist-led collective that explores contemporary drawing practice in Ireland.

Kiera OToole_Drawing Wonder_Process 2019
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