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Naomi Kendrick


Naomi Kendrick is an artist and workshop facilitator based in Manchester, Kendrick has been proactive on the Manchester Arts scene since 1999. Recent exhibitions and performances include The New Mills Festival, ‘After Birth’ drawings for a theatre Performance at the Royal Exchange Theatre, part (of Co:Lab festival) Tracing Paper at Paper Gallery, ‘Drawn to the Beat’ at Band on the Wall (ACE funded), Fabrica Gallery, Brighton and Victoria Baths (part of Un Rest), live Drawing Performances in collaboration with improvising musicians at the Liverpool biennial, Whitworth Art Gallery (on three occasions) and Paper Gallery.


Artist Statement 

Through drawing I attempt to make visible sensations, patterns of thought and feeling, from the darkest times to the euphoric. I have previously used music, performance and hypnosis to evoke and draw different mental states. My current work consists of thousands of tiny, time consuming, delicate ink lines, drawn on to fragile tissue or rice paper or discarded packaging paper, some have taken years to complete.


These paper surfaces are crumpled, creased and delicate. The ink lines I make trace and reveal these very points of fragility, the parts that disrupt the smooth skin of paper, they could break or the surface could become swallowed by these marks. While making these drawings I have felt at times like I am healing the creases, taking care of the parts on the verge of breaking with a steady hand, tiny brush and delicate ink. But in doing so my intention is not to erase but to highlight them, telling their story and making them permanent.

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