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Rebecca Bramwell


Rebecca Bramwell was born in Newcastle, and grew up in Chester. She studied painting at St Martins School of Art in the 1980’s. After living in London and Kent, she has recently returned to her roots, and currently lives and works in Chester.

Artist Statement 

As a child I loved the diagrams in science text-books, the underlying patterns of life, described and delineated.

Magnetic fields, bee-dances and bird migration; feathers, atoms and cells. Copying in my exercise books, I was immersed in a world beyond the surface of everyday 'reality'.

Later, in the writings of Blake, Hesse and Rilke, punk rock, LSD and alchemical illustrations I found experiences that resonated with mine.

I still keep notebooks. Drawing is a conversation with myself - a way to work-stuff-out.

My artworks could be described as 'diagrams of the subconscious'. Akin, though not deliberately to theosophical 'Thought Forms'.

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