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Russell Chater


Russell Chater is a London and Ramsgate based artist and graduate of the MA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins. Chater has exhibited extensively in the UK and overseas and also co-curated a number of exhibitions. He is a qualified lecturer and have given talks on his practice in a range of Institutions as well as hosted / chaired artist critique sessions. Chater is also a former Co-Director of Dalston Underground Studios.

Artist Statement

Masked out photographs; whitewashed windows; creating with erasers… Revelation and concealment and concealment as revelation. It all happens on and beyond these screens. Surface and depth. Space and time. Smoke (screens) and mirrors.

The marks of another prompt thoughts around sign and symbol, gesture and mark making. Around authorship and intention; appropriation and absence. Who / where is the artist? Only a mannequin (a proxy?) might be found occupying these threshold spaces. A mute dummy that speaks: of display and desire and the gaze.

Scenes are revealed: staged but empty. Transient spaces and transient states. Spot-lights and strip-lights illuminate the nothing that is everything. Contexts and meanings are lost and gained.


Materials and motifs emerge and recur. A vocabulary accumulates and ideas echo.

Russell Chater (1).jpg
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