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Sarah Sanders


Artist Statement

Drawing is about recording the passing of time. My practice of drawing originates from art school sketchbook use, like a journal to record what I see, read, feel, think. I like the immediacy of recording on paper. My use of drawing moves between personal space and public spectacle. I have used drawing as a way to record the passing of time from dawn to dawn, in a live 24 hour online writing performance. The work was made on a large roll of paper and hung in my studio. This led me to explore paper as an object, paper as the work itself.

During my Masters, I became fustrated with art and found myself return to drawing, recording stages of eating fruit in each piece. My work evolved into making hundreds of drawings with make-up on paper, depicting smudged bent up figures, as if throwing up, part self-inspired, part inspired by passers-by. A semi-biographical language in my work began to take shape, combined with mark making and working with volumes of paper used to frame time.

Being in the act of drawing is a fundamental part of my work. The stop start action of drawing is what draws me in.

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