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Sarah Tutt


Sarah Tutt has worked across drawing, writing and live performance for over thirty years. Her bachelor degree was in visual and performing arts and her drawing practice has grown out of this combined practice. In 2002 she moved to mainland Europe and lived there for more than a decade. Now working from a studio in Nottingham, she is studying a MA Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and is currently working with drawing scores as a way to explore and share practice.


Artist Statement

Sarah Tutt works within the field of expanded drawing, using compliant materials such as graphite and clay, as well as performance and film. She is particularly interested in the unruly line - one that has its own trajectory, is responsive, derailed or affected.

Sarah’s practice is generative, and work is revealed in the making. Her studio practice is a combination of experiment and study. Drawn to the performative and choreographic nature of process, her artistic enquiry focuses on how time, body and gesture play out when artist and materials come together. Repetition is used as a method of research in the form of multiples, series, gatherings, layers and iterations. Where there is similarity, she is interested in difference and where there is difference, she is interested in similarity.
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