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Simon Woolham


Simon Woolham is currently based in Macclesfield. He has exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions at the Lowry in Salford and Chapter Gallery in Cardiff, as well as numerous national and international group exhibitions. In 2008 he was included in the first Tatton Park Biennial and in 2006 he was Artist-in-Residence at the Baltic in Gateshead. He won the Mostyn Open 11 at Oriel Mostyn in 2001.

Artist Statement

Simon Woolham's work is concerned primarily with occupied spaces and the narratives that unfold in them. His drawings of school playing fields, junked underpasses and the like often contain text with the tone of dialogue. Through these glimpses of speech the dilapidated environments come to life in a skint version of enchantment: a tree stump or a broken fence are filled with the meanings of the events that go on around and about them. In his attempts to unearth this unpredictable and fragile process of memory, he uses biro drawings, paper interventions, animation, video and text.

simon- Sectioned _ off - Simon Woolham.j
Simon Woolham, Towards the unknow - Simo
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