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Tom Heaton


Tom Heaton is an artist working predominantly with drawing and painting. Tom achieved a first class BA in fine art at Manchester School of Art where he refined and developed his practice as a visual artist. He now lives and works in Macclesfield with his family and maintains a healthy practice in his home studio.

Artist Statement 

Tom Heaton’s work is made as a direct response to the world around him, using a characteristic visual language to describe events, objects, memories and places. His work is focused on pushing the acts of painting and displaying work to their limits, blurring the lines between the figurative and the abstract. Rooting itself firmly within the grey areas that reside between various political binaries, whether the aforementioned representative and abstract or challenging social and institutional hierarchies, Tom's work aims to achieve an overall neutrality within it's aesthetic whilst also delivering a subtle degree of discomfort. 

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