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Tom Witherick


Tom Witherick is an artist living and working in London. With a BA in Fine Art: Painting from Wimbledon College of Art he maintains a diverse practice covering painting, sculpture, sound art and writing. Recent exhibitions include Sui Generis at Plas Bodfa, Anglesey and Of course I haven’tforgotten with Warbling Collective at 155 Artist Space.

This work is an attempt to disembody the act of drawing, whilst also exploring its potential to exist within the viewers experience of time and space. The ‘drawings’ take place autonomously within space and time with each piece creating itself through its own self destruction. “Trails” or “nets” of wax-soaked string are set alight and left to slowly burn over time on the gallery floor. As the flame slowly moves along its path, consuming the string, each one leaves its mark within the gallery space:- the waxy, ashy remains become akin to a mark on a page, the flames the hands that made
them. An element of chance can be found in the flame, although a destructive force it is also a rather fragile entity, at any moment it could burn out prematurely along its pre-determined path. These elements of chance and temporality transform the act of drawing into something like a live 
performance with the viewer taking on the role of an audience member, free to leave and come back to it as they wish.

Thomas Witherick
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