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Will Hughes


Will Graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art from Bath Spa University (School of Art) in 2018. In the same year they were awarded the Kenneth Armitage Foundation, Graduate Award and completed a year long studio fellowship at Spike Island in Bristol.
They are currently in the final months of completing a Master of Fine Art at the BxNU institute (Baltic Centre for Contemporary art & Northumbria University). Recent Exhibitions include 'I'm a soldier to my own emptiness, I'm a winner', with Robbie O’Keeffe (Online).

Artist Statement

Will Hughes is a Multi-Disciplinary artist who is a studio holder at The Auxiliary in

Middlesbrough. Their work is conceptually driven by lived experiences as a queer, non binary person in the UK, mixing pop culture references with material language to construct moments. They wish to seduce the viewer through often using repetitive mechanical movement, the use of glossy/shiny surfaces and the lens of glamour as a means of storytelling.

Polished stainless steel blinds me under the harsh synthetic light, the dolly wheel speaks in motion, but is quiet when still. Familiar figures loom and seep into your consciousness filling your mind with stories, another’s narrative, memories from the 21st century manifest.
First in two dimensions, then three.
The lights are on and you read the title, they feel known as you hum them aloud, a memory is jogged, you start to connect the dots.

Hughes seeks and explores a moment in the forth dimension of time, of of ttttime, dimension of time. Exploring human themes with anthropomorphic shapes and objects acquainted with our everyday. A second moves slower here than with you, but as i sit in this apartment and look out at blue, i feel you here in the presence of the moment, fully inhabiting it.

study for sculpture (socks).jpeg
Drawing of sculpture idea .jpg
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